PEC Mathematics 8th Class Model Paper English Medium

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Mathematics 8th Class Model Paper English Medium Punjab Education Commission

General Instructions:
1) Write Roll Number in digits.(Figures) on Computerized Answer Sheet (The Sheet on which students mark the correct answer of objective questions). In the absence of your Roll No your scores would not be identified and allocated to you.
2) Read each question carefully before answering. Attempt all questions. There is no choice in questions.
3) Students are not allowed to take the Question Paper/Answer Sheet out of the Examination Centre.
4) Mark the correct option of MCQ with sign „Ñ with a Black Ball Point, on the computerized answer sheet. If a student marks two or more boxes, or one sign „Ñ touches two boxes or the sign „Ñ is within two boxes without touching anyone, the computer will score ZERO for such questions.
5) Students are not allowed to mark in the boxes made against the open ended questions serial numbers. The teachers will score your questions and then mark your score in the related box. If any two boxes are marked then computer will give you ZERO mark. The example of an objective question is given below.

1. The symbol to express ¡§number 10¡¨ in Roman Numeral system is.
(a) V (b) M (c) X (d) L

Correct method to answer:

Part-A (Multiple Choice Questions)                                         Time Allowed: 1 hour 20 minutes
Instruction:- Forty (40) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are given in this part. Attempt all questions. All questions carry equal marks. Mark correct option on computerized answer sheet.

Q. No.1. If (-101) + (101) = 0 then property of equality used, is:
(a) Reflexive Property         (b) Symmetric Property
(c) Transitive Property        (d) Additive inverse Property

Q. No.2. Approximate value of 4.236……….. correct up to 2 decimal places is:
(a) 4.23        (b) 4.24        (c) 4.22        (d) 4.25

Q. No.3. An agent sold out an item in Rs. 20896 whose cost price was Rs. 21896, so he sold an item in
(a) Profit        (b) Loss        (c) No Profit        (d) No Loss

Q. No.4. If U={1,3,5,7,9} and A= {1,5,7} the compliment of set A is:
(a) { }               (b) {3,9}
(c) {1,5,7}        (d) {1,3,5,7,9}

Q. No.5. If in class interval “ 1—– 5 “ data 2,3,2,4,5,4 lies then frequency of class interval is:
(a) 6        (b) 4        (c) 5        (d) 2

Q. No.6. Set A = {5,3,4,1,2} is equal to:
(a) {1,2,3,4,4,5}        (b) {1,2,3,5}
(c) {1,3,2,4,5}           (d) {1,1,3,2,4,5}

Q. No.7. Square root of 121 is:
(a) 10        (b) 11        (c) 12        (d) 21

Q. No.8. Correct number written in binary system (base-2) is:
(a) 2 (101111)        (b) 2 (11211)        (c) 2 (2110)        (d) 2 (12103)

Q. No.9. Set of first five natural numbers that are divisible by 2 and 5 is:
(a) {10,20,30,40,50}        (b) Set of first five natural numbers
(c) {2,5,10,12,14}            (d) {2,5,10,15,16}

Q. No.10. Pair of complementary angles in the given triangle is:

Q. No.11. Aslam got an insurance policy of amount Rs.100,000 for 30 years. On Aslam’s sudden
death, his heirs received an amount in rupees, on which bonus amount was @ 4.2%. How
much amount they received.

(a) 4200                   (b) 104200
(c) 100000               (d) 142000

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