Punjab Reforms its Education Sector

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Punjab and its Education Reforms

Pakistan is standing at a verge of the education failure where the numbers of children who are in the age of school going kids are out of schools. Pakistan is on second number in the world having the most out of school kids and the situation is getting worse with every day passing in the country. Well we have blamed already many things like poverty, government reluctance and other sociological factors that have helped to make this painting but there are goods as well which are being done in Pakistan in Education sector, especially in Punjab.
Well according to Sir Michael Barber, Department for International Development’s (DFID) special representative for education in Pakistan, has said that the changes are quite remarkable. He said that the percentage of teacher presence and the class attendance of the schools have increased. He said it was greater than 92 percent in December 2012 which was 72 percent and 82 percent back in 2011. In the same time, the percentage of schools having better functioning facilities has increased to 91 percent from 69 percent. 
The enrollment has also been increasing lately especially in the kids who are in 5 to 9 years of age and yet have not entered in the main primary schools. Some of the areas in the province have achieved the highest ever enrollment percentage with 90%. 
The learning techniques and the methodologies which are being adopted by the government have increased the learning level of the kids. This has been come out as a result of the survey in which the assessment of more than 60000 children from all different parts of the province was conducted. The gains in literacy and numeracy were clearly above the previous achievements ever. We know that this is not much and a lot more to be done in this regard but the first steps are in right direction which gives an idea of a brighter picture in days to come.
This has been made possible mainly by the Punjab government and the policy which are fostered by the DFID. Teacher presence was assured by the proper monitoring of the schools having a proper committee. The program was named revamped programme monitoring and implementation unit who have worked hard to achieve the teacher presence.
Another key factor is the Punjab Education Foundation which helps the kids from the lower class to attend low cost private schools for free. Another prestigious organization named Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF) which is providing to the students on merit with the scholarships so that they can continue their studies. The institution was established back in 2009 and since then it has been awarding more than 41000 scholarships of worth 2 billion.
Some of the policies which have been proven fruitful in the recent government must be adopted by the other provincial governments as well. This is the time to address the national problem rather than doing politics over the policies. Well the highest populated province of the nation is getting along in a right way shows us that days with more beautiful picture of the whole scenario are not much far.

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